Paige's Super Friends

Nalani Butler

Leila Butler




ISBN 97810734370942   

Size: 8x8    

Page Length: 36


ISBN 97810734370935   

Size: 8x8    

Page Length: 36


ISBN 97810734370928




Paige is a happy kid with a unique fashion sense and creative imagination. Despite being bullied because of the things that make her different, she enjoys using her creativity to entertain her family and friends with stories in which she and her dog, Peppermint, are Super Heroes who always save the day! However, when her bullies plot to destroy her group's big project, Paige is left alone, standing in front of her classmates, speechless. With her group depending on her, will Paige be able to find the superhero inside herself to save the day?


Sisters, Nalani and Leila Butler are top performing high school students in Fairfax County, VA.  Always up for a challenge and willing to try new things, they have acted in plays, danced in recitals, soared in gymnastics, nailed complicated jumps and spins in ice skating, rallied school spirit as cheerleaders, and showcased their athleticism as lacrosse players.  As leaders, they have headed multiple honors societies, captained various school groups and teams, organized events, participated in focus groups, and served their peers as representatives in student government and their community through volunteerism. 

Keeping with their resolve to try new things, Nalani and Leila collaborated during a summer break from school to develop the characters and story for a children’s book series which tackles themes of self-esteem, bullying, individuality, diversity, creativity, and friendship.  The first book in the series entitled, Paige Saves the Day has been released by BookButler Publishing Company.

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