Paige Book Series Bundle

Paige Book Series Bundle

Get half off the second book, with your purchase of the first book in the series.


The Paige Book Series centers around a child who uses creativity to counter bullying. Paige creates stories for her family and friends in which she and her dog are superheroes. And the duo always, as the title says, save the day.


For the series, the authors had the idea to create culturally diverse characters to creatively address themes such as bullying, diversity, self-image, honesty, teamwork, and compassion while offering a tool to help teachers, counselors, parents, and other adults have meaningful and productive discussions in homes and schools.  


Book 1:  Paige Saves the Day

Book 2:  Paige's Super Friends


$22.50 Hardcover Combo Price

$15.00 Paperback Combo Price