Sprinkles Cover.png


Nalani Butler

Leila Butler

Marco Montero-Butler

READING LEVEL:  1st grade (42 pages - rhyming book)

IDEAL FOR: beginning readers.


GREAT FOR: older readers to read to younger kids.


THEMES: Dealing with Change | Making New Friends | New Home | Shyness 

FORMATS: Hardcover | Paperback  



Moving to a new home & making new friends can be scary...


Young listeners and first-time readers follow Sprinkles on her first day in her new home after being rescued from an animal shelter. Their exposure to the puppy's range of emotions can help them with understanding and adjusting to change of any kind, addressing their feelings, and learning new strategies and skills along the way.


Sisters, Nalani Butler and Leila Butler are top performing students in Virginia.  Despite their strenuous academic schedules, they always make time to inspire, create, volunteer, cheer, play lacrosse, enjoy family game nights, and of course, shop.

Marco Montero-Butler is a 5th-grade student in Virginia.  After contributing to his older sister's second book, Paige's Super Friends, Marco was excited to co-author a book with them when he was in 3rd grade.  Marco also enjoys wrestling and is a fan of football.