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Create Classroom Books

Students across the country are publishing books.

Yours can too!

Make writing and drawing fun and memorable for your students by giving them the gift of publishing. Your students will experience the thrill of becoming published authors! They will be able to take pride in seeing their words and drawings showcased in a professionally printed book.

Because we believe there is creativity in every child, we made publishing with your class easy and FREE.  That's right, there is NO COST TO YOUR SCHOOL to use our student publishing program. In fact, publishing your classroom book through our program is the perfect, easy-to-manage FUNDRAISER FOR YOUR SCHOOL.

Publish and Learn

Teachers can supplement any curriculum and see a boost in confidence as student's writing and learning skills improve.

Publish and Inspire

Watch as creativity comes alive when students realize they will become published authors. They will be excited to engage in the writing process to create a book to share with their audience.

Publish and Create Lasting Memories

Students will take pride in seeing their name as an author, printed in a book with their words and drawings.

The book will become a keepsake as parents take pride in their child’s work. Their book will make a great gift for family members and friends.

Publish and Fundraise

Your school or organization will earn money as copies of your classroom's newly published book are sold.  Learn more.

Publish and Celebrate

Host a book signing event, roll out the red carpet, present them with a published author certificate, and treat them like the stars they are. 

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