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We are pleased to announce the participating authors at the Annapolis Book Lovers Expo.   
For additional information, click the author's photo.

Annie Mewborn
Nalani Butler Leila Butler
Dr. Michele Walker
Edward Roy (1).png
Marco Montero
Judith Mudd-Krijgelmans
Lonnie Lawson
Dr. Kathy Yorkshire
Harriet Frost
DD Hopkins
Danielle Spencer
Elijah Lewis
Nicole Lanier Montez
Kenny Whittington
Carla Rose Smith
Ellen Alford (1).png
J Anthony Simmons
April Goodwin-Gill (1).png
Emily Meggett
TA Broady
Kai Jae.png
Sherrita Berry-Pettus.png
Crystal Ford.png
Robert A Murphy.png
Author Template (1).png
Chauncia Jones.png
James Burd Brewster.png

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