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Four Eyes Advantage

Four Eyes Advantage


Dive into 3 heartwarming stories of children navigating complicated situations to discover the power of family and friendship.

In the first story, meet Roman, Kai, Carter, Navi, Ava, and Imani, six best friends from single-parent families, who stick together through thick and thin, finding strength in their friendship.

Then, join Lukas, Bryce, and Jamee, three siblings with a loving family, who must have a tough conversation with their dad that could test their family bond.

And finally, follow along as Mia learns the true meaning of family as she uncovers a hidden secret and finds support in unexpected places.

Filled with laughter, tears, and unforgettable moments each story is an adventure where the value of family is celebrated, cherished, and above all, remembered.


$18.95 Paperback

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